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Tricks for our team of Filipina nannies in Washington, D.C.

Being a nanny is synonymous with being a patient person who has the necessary qualities to spend time with children. For example, it’s important that they have the right resources to entertain young children for hours and hours. At LPDS we give our team of Filipina nannies in Washington D.C. some tricks to liven up the time with the littlest ones in the home.

A child’s entertainment depends on their likes but also on their age. Although they all possess a limitless imagination, the way to entertain a child depends on different factors. Nevertheless, games that encourage spontaneity and interaction are suitable in most cases.

Children between zero and twelve months need games that are much more sensory in nature because during this stage they start to discover certain functions of the body, mostly of the eyes and mouth. Repetition games are the most common. On the other hand, in the first and second year, children can play more complex games, can use toys such as wooden blocks, puzzles, exploration activities or can read simple picture books.

If the children to be taken care of are between two and four years old, the best activities for them are those where they can experiment with colors or different materials. Symbolic games, imitation and activities that are related to their familiar surroundings are ideal for them and will allow them to have a lot of fun.

Reading them a story at nap time or before bedtime will help them go to sleep much more easily, will relax them and will also help them learn. It’s important to read with them so they can look at the pictures included in the book.

Children between four and six years old are more energetic and can carry out many more interesting and complex activities. Numbers and letters can be introduced through games, and memory activities can be a lot of fun for the child.

Both smaller and older children love to create and let their imagination run free. There are many ways to facilitate this: with paint, ceramic pieces, playdough, watercolors, markers or doing crafts with all kinds of materials.

Don’t forget to always reserve some time in the day to go out, enjoy fresh air, run, jump, play ball and enjoy nature or the city. Also make time for instructional activities that will help the child learn new things.

Our team of Filipina nannies in Washington, D.C.

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