Filipina nanny in LA

Get to know our Filipina nanny service in LA through our agency, LPDS

Are you interested in our services and want to know what our Filipina nanny service in LA can offer you? At LPDS we will tell you everything you need to know about our live-in nannies.

Hiring a nanny that you like and who inspires the trust necessary to leave our children in their hands isn’t always easy! That is why agencies like ours offer an excellent team of professionals who can help our clients feel 100% sure of their choice.

With us, you could have the best nanny in Palm Beach. We are sure of this because through our rigorous selection process, we are able to form an impeccable, quality team. What do our nanny services include? Our nannies will care for, entertain, accompany the littlest ones in the house at all times, bathe them, cook for them, play with them, wash their clothes, and much more.

At our agency we offer the possibility of hiring live-in or live-out nannies. The first would live and spend time with you and your family. They should have their own room and would carry out the daily tasks you require during their daily shift. On the other hand, a live-out nanny would be at your house during the hours that you need them, such as a few hours in the afternoon or on weekends.

How much does our Filipina nanny service in LA cost?

Our nannies’ salaries are different depending on the needs of each client and each family. A family who needs a live-in nanny is not the same as one who only needs someone during the afternoons, a few nights a week or on weekends.

Besides, there are clients who only need our professionals to care for their children while they are at work or at an event. Others need them to do housework such as cleaning, washing and ironing clothes, cooking, shopping, etc.

Therefore, in order to get an accurate quote for your nanny service, it’s best to let us know how many hours of service you want. Then, based on your needs, we can provide you with a personalized quote.

If you find it hard to balance your work and personal life and you would like to have the help of a nanny, don’t hesitate to contract our services. Once we chat with you and get to know your needs, we will send you a quote for our Filipina nanny service in LA.