Filipino home staff in San Francisco

Filipino home staff in San Francisco for the elderly in the home

Care for the elderly is one of the services that we offer at our Filipino domestic services agency. If you have an elderly person in your home and you want to give them the attention that they need and want, count on our Filipino home staff in San Francisco.

Our team of professionals has the experience and knowledge needed to care for seniors.
Every person deserves care that is adapted to their needs. For this reason, at our agency we want to know precisely what you require for the care of the elderly in your home so that we can evaluate which employee would be best for you. Our services are completely personalized, because caring for an elderly person is a great responsibility and requires specialized care.

In order to care for a senior, it’s necessary to be sensitive, patient and strong. These are the qualities we look for in the candidates who want to work at our agency, and who will provide for the safety and health of the families that hire us. Furthermore, we also require that our team of professionals have the knowledge necessary to contend with and care for people with conditions such as Alzheimer’s, dementia and other various illnesses.

What will you receive from our Filipino home staff in San Francisco?

Hiring a specialist to care for your family has many benefits. Giving your family the attention and care that they need in their own home is a real luxury considering that the assistant will be in charge of:

  • Bathing the senior.
  • Cleaning and housekeeping so that they are comfortable and at ease.
  • Cleaning and ironing their clothes.
  • Grocery shopping and cooking.
  • Keeping them company and watching over them at all times.
  • Managing medications.
  • Monitoring and attending to their needs at night, if the personnel is hired for night hours, in other words a live-in caregiver.
  • Facilitating personal relationships, given that socialization is helpful for avoiding isolation and loneliness for seniors.
  • Giving them the affection, warmth and attention they need. There’s no doubt that a home caregiver will provide a more personal and direct relationship than, for example, in a nursing home.
  • Establishing a daily routine with them: bath time, mealtimes, and outings, always keeping in mind the senior’s security and safety.

At LPDS we offer the best Filipino home staff in San Francisco. Contact us to get to know our services at no obligation.