Filipino homestaff Hollywood

The best Filipino home staff in Hollywood

Are you looking for a domestic services employee to take care of your household chores? Do you find it difficult to balance your work and home life? Have you thought about hiring Filipino home staff in Hollywood? At Luxury Philippines Domestic Services, we can cover any needs related to domestic services thanks to the exclusive services of our Filipino personnel. They have all been evaluated and selected specially by us so we can guarantee your satisfaction in the work they do.
We have professionals in the areas of cleaning and maintaining the home, gardeners specializing in large areas of land, chefs with experience creating meals for specific dietary needs, babysitting services and care for the elderly, and private chauffeurs who will always keep your vehicle in the best condition. All of our services are offered for private entities as well as for hotels who need highly-skilled personnel. Our employees will demonstrate responsibility, communication skills, and the ability to adapt to any environment.

The added value of relying on Filipino home staff in Hollywood

Filipino services are currently the most sought after by clients who want to hire quality domestic personnel. The reason? It’s partly due to cultural considerations. In the Philippines there is a values system in place that includes a series of ethical guidelines and moral, cultural and personal codes that are socially promoted through religion and the education they receive.
Their philosophy is based on themes related to friendship, obligation, kinship and social harmony. All of this becomes added value when it comes to hiring a Filipino employee to carry out household duties.

The advantages of hiring personnel from LPDS

⦁ Professionalism. Our employees have high standards of responsibility and excellence in their work they do.
⦁ Discretion. Respect for their hosts’ privacy is something they always take into account. Discretion is crucial in maintaining a good relationship with the members of the family they work for.
⦁ Loyalty. The commitment that our employees show to the families that hire them help them to become another person in their circle of trust.
⦁ Communication. All of our employees speak English because it’s one of the official languages of the Philippines. They are also always receptive and available in any situation that comes up.
⦁ Security. By hiring our Filipino home staff in Hollywood, you will have a complete quality guarantee backed by Luxury Philippines Domestic Services.
You will also have a period of 6 months to request personnel replacements until you find the Filipino home staff in Hollywood that best meets your expectations. You can call +1 (202) 855 – 2708 for more information and we would be delighted to consult with you at no commitment.