Filipino homestaff Springfield

Do you need Filipino home staff in Springfield?

If you need the services of a domestic employee who can help you with cleaning and maintaining your home, at Luxury Philippines Domestic Services you’ll find the perfect person for you. We are the first agency in major European countries that specializes in providing Filipino home staff for quality domestic services. We have solutions for cleaning your home, maintaining your garden, caring for children and the elderly, kitchen services, personal drivers and even hotel personnel. They all have extensive experience and our guarantee of trust, which ensures the highest satisfaction according to your needs.

What are the duties of Filipino home staff in Springfield?

Our homestaff handles all the maintenance and cleaning of your home and all other domestic work including running errands, washing and ironing clothes, changing bed linens and taking out the garbage, among others.

Depending on your needs and your family’s, you can also choose to hire personnel that specializes in other areas:

⦁ Our gardeners handle maintaining the harmony of your garden or that of your community so you can enjoy it all year.
⦁ We have Filipino homestaff in Springfield who scpecialize in caring for children, adolescents or the elderly who may need help with their daily tasks.
⦁ Our personal chauffeurs provide distinction, safety and punctuality in all the trips they make, whether long or short distances.
⦁ There’s nothing like having a professional chef in charge of preparing the best meals for you and following your dietary instructions at all times.

Who are Luxury Philippines Domestic Services for?

The services that our agency offers are exclusive and are intended for luxury clients. That is why we select all of our personnel ourselves and they must go thorough evaluations that certify the quality of their work.
Can I hire one person to do everything?
We have to keep in mind that a job is done well when the employee dedicates themself to their field to the fullest. Some of our workers have training in more than one specialty. Therefore, if you need someone to do more than one job at a time, we recommend that you contact us so we can personally evaluate your case. We will always try to provide the best solution in every situation.

You can request more information about our Filipino homestaff in Springfield by calling +1 (202) 855 – 2708 or through the contact form on our website.