Filipino home staff Beverly Hills

The best Filipino home staff in Beverly Hills

If you’re looking for Filipino homestaff in Beverly Hills to carry out your daily chores, you must meet the employees at Luxury Philippines Domestic Services. At our agency we offer a great number of exclusive services for luxury clients like you who need personnel who specialize in different household tasks: cleaning, maintenance, kitchen, garden, driving, security, care, etc. We cover any need you might have and we operate in large part so you can balance your work and home life simply and comfortably.
Our team of professionals of Filipino origin have the endorsement of LPDS that guarantees their experience and the quality of their work. The have all gone through exhaustive evaluations to ensure the best selection of personnel who can offer unique services and the best results. You can choose between different schedules depending on whether you need live-in or live-out personnel, full-time, part-time, or weekends. We adapt to your needs so you can enjoy your daily life with all the advantages that come with our services.

Why hire Filipino home staff in Beverly Hills?

In a place like Beverly Hills, on the outskirts of Los Angeles and considered one of the most exclusive and secure areas in California where high profile figures have their homes, it’s natural to suppose that when it comes to service, its residents look for quality above all else. That is how agencies like Luxury Philippines Domestic Services are born, with the intention of offering services to the luxury population that are appropriate to their status.

Home employees of Filipino origin are in high demand because of their excellent qualities in the service industry. Because of their culture, centered above all on responsibility and caring for family, some of the advantages that we offer are:

⦁ High capacity for work. Their philosophy emphasizes a job well done. That is why they are efficient and committed to their responsibilities which they carry out with excellence.
⦁ Loyal to their employers. In general, one of the features that is most attractive to our clients is the loyalty and commitment that our employees show to the family they work for. They are also very discreet and respectful people who always act with utmost prudence and who facilitate harmony in the lives of those around them.
⦁ Academic preparation. All of our Filipino home staff in Beverly Hills have a high level of academic formation. They also speak fluent English because it’s an official language in their country of origin.
Without a doubt, one of the best options for hiring personnel for your household tasks is to choose LPDS and our Filipino home staff in Beverly Hills. If you want more detailed information about our services, you can contact us by calling +1 (202) 855 – 2708.