Filipino home staff Monterrey

Your Filipino home staff in Monterrey

Have you heard of Filipino domestic services? Did you know that they are currently the most highly sought-after personnel? In the last several years, more and more people request the services of Filipino workers in caring for family and maintaining the home. The reason? It’s probably due to cultural factors. In the Philippines, one of the fundamental pillars of society is family, and it’s common for families to be large. Many times, all the family members live in one place, which means that teamwork and caring for each other are fundamental. We like to call this added value, something that adds to the high level of training of our Filipino home staff in Monterrey.

Working internationally has become common in the Filipino culture, which is why they invest in highly competitive levels of training that has given them fame all over the world. At Luxury Philippines Domestic Services, you’ll have access to the most exclusive services to satisfy all of your domestic needs. From cleaning and maintaining the home and garden, caring for children and the elderly, kitchen and chauffeur services, to hotel personnel. We carefully select all of them ourselves so that we can adapt to your requirements and meet your expectations 100%.

Why do you need Filipino home staff in Monterrey?

Monterrey has become one of the cities with the best living conditions in the country. It’s one of the areas with the highest quality of life in Mexico in terms of comfort and economy as well as services. Despite this, the hurried pace of life and work often makes it complicated to balance family life. That’s why, when it comes to hiring employees to take care of housework in Monterrey, the best option is to choose an agency that can guarantee the high-class services you require.

What advantages are there in hiring personnel from Luxury?

⦁ You will have highly trained industry personnel with university degrees and fluency in English.
⦁ You will have access to honest and discreet personnel who show great loyalty to the family they work for.
⦁ Filipino people are cheerful and affectionate, capable of establishing good connections with children and the rest of the family in your home.
⦁ Our workers’ great sense of responsibility and good behavior is important when it comes to doing their work perfectly and neatly.
⦁ Their wonderful ability to adapt makes them ideal for practically any environment.
You will also have a period of 6 months of guaranteed replacements so you can find the employee who best meets your expectations. You can get more information about our Filipino home staff in Monterrey on our website or by calling +1 (202) 855 – 2708.