Getting a nanny from the Philippines

Getting a nanny from the Philippines through LPDS

Are you interested in getting a nanny from the Philippines? If you are, you’re in the right place. In case you aren’t familiar with us yet, LPDS is a Filipino domestic services agency, exclusively for luxury homes. We have the experience and the professionals necessary to provide impeccable service to any family who contracts our services. You can learn more about us in this article.

A nanny must be a person who carries out the functions and responsibilities of a caregiver for the littlest ones in a home, which can be on an hourly basis or constant (live-in nanny). Caregivers must oversee the health, education and recreation of the children.

Although every family has different requirements and needs different qualities in a nanny, there are some attributes that are essential in a caregiver. They must be professional, patient, and respectful, and they must have knowledge about how to educate and entertain young children.

The duties of our employees include bathing the children, caring for babies and giving them all the attention they need, preparing food, taking them to and picking them up from school, playing with them, providing them company and entertaining them, caring for them at night as well as during the day, washing and ironing their clothes and keeping their rooms tidy.

However, our nannies can also do other tasks such as shopping, cleaning, watering plants, feeding pets, tidying rooms, making beds, running errands for the clients, etc.

Get a nanny from the Philippines easily

With LPDS, you can start using our nanny services quickly. Just contact us and we will consult with you at no cost. You should inform us of what you need and which services you want to procure. This way, we can find the right personnel for you and your family. Also let us know your family situation, number of children, their ages and your expectations.

And if you are not happy with the personnel that we choose for you, during the first six months you can replace them up to three times if you wish. It’s very important to us that you are satisfied with our services and our personnel. We are sure that all of our employees will give excellent results!

Contact our domestic services agency if you are interested in getting a nanny from the Philippines. And if you are of Filipino descent and you are looking for work in the US, give us your contact information so we can set up interviews and find out about your work experience and knowledge.