Filipina housekeeper in Naples

Filipina housekeeper in Naples

Are you interested in our Filipina housekeeper service in Naples? At LPDS we offer quality services, featuring the best cleaning and housekeeping professionals. Experience and expertise are the words that best define us as a domestic services agency and also our team of employees.

Every family would like to have a perfect housekeeper in their home. Not just in the way they work but also in terms of their personality and what they offer to each member of the household. And although it’s not always easy to ensure a suitable worker, you can count on it with LPDS. Why? See below:

Our agency relies on a rigorous staff selection process, given that our requirements and excellence compel us to choose only professionals with broad experience in domestic services and luxury homes and with extensive knowledge about the field and the tasks they must carry out. Besides this, we always choose Filipino personnel because of their culture, who they are and their great qualities as people and as professionals.

What qualities should our Filipina housekeepers in Naples have?

At our agency we are clear about which qualities we want to see in a worker who will be perfect for carrying out household tasks. We want to share these qualities with you:

  • Good attitude: The attitude a person has in their personal and professional life is the key to success and to creating a pleasant and comfortable living environment. That’s why our domestic and external workers must have an unbeatable attitude.
  • Discretion: It’s important to respect the privacy of every household so that our clients feel comfortable in their home. Discretion is one of the qualities we value most in the Filipino community.
  • Honesty: It’s important that every house have a person in whom they can trust and who is always honest. That’s the only way to achieve a good relationship between employee and client.
  • Professional: A good employee must have all the qualities of a true professional such as knowledge, experience, dedication, punctuality, organization, consistency, efficiency… All of our clients want their house to be in the hands of a good person and a great professional.
  • Respectful: Attitude and communication must above all be respectful. It is a quality that should always be present in the interaction between employee and client.

To be sure, all of the professionals that form the LPDS team have these qualities. That is why we have the best Filipina housekeeper service in Naples. You can count on our quality services and professionalism!