Filipino home staff California

Find the best Filipino home staff in California

If you’re looking for the best Filipino home staff in California, you’re in the right place. We are Luxury Philippines D. S. Agency, your trusted agency for hiring people of Filipino origin for domestic services. We have great professionals who dedicate themselves to cleaning and maintaining homes, gardeners, cooks, chauffeurs, babysitters, caregivers for the elderly and hotel personnel. We offer comprehensive services to find the best solution for your needs.

Do you find it hard to choose a babysitter for your child? By hiring our personnel, you can avoid all risks. We guarantee the best training and professionalism on the part of our employees. We care about assuring you friendly service and a proactive and appropriate attitude in every job you request. We know that caring for your home and your children should not be left in just anyone’s hands.

Why choose LPDS Filipino home staff in California?

– One of the main reasons why you should choose LPDS for the care of your child is that we meticulously choose our employees. They all go through a rigorous evaluation process so that we can guarantee trustworthy services and your child’s safety.
– We use Filipino home staff in California, which gives us added value. These employees are sought after more and more because of the quality of their work and because of their culture, which is characterized by an emphasis on caring for family. They also have a reputation for being able to do anything.
– Our babysitters have good training in their line of work and the great majority have university degrees.
– We only choose personnel that have a high degree of commitment and retention. That means that your family can rest assured knowing that you have a faithful and hard-working employee for the time that you need.
The values that our babysitters teach are those that the parents choose. For this reason, there will never be a problem when it comes to accommodating the family’s educational ideals.
English is the second official language of the Philippines, which is why there will be no language barriers between the babysitter and the family.
– Your nanny will become a fundamental part of your home and family, and your children will grow up without prejudice, having learned to see the world from different perspectives.

How to hire Luxury Philippines D. S. Agency services

If you want to hire our Filipino home staff in California, simply call +1 (202) 855 – 2708 and we will respond at no obligation, giving you all the information you need to find your perfect employee.