How to hire a live-in nanny from the Philippines

Do you know how to hire a live-in nanny from the Philippines?

At Luxury Philippines D. S. Agency, we are the first agency to specialize in Filipino domestic services for luxury clients in the major European countries. The quality of our work has allowed us to expand beyond these borders and offer our services to clients from world powers such as the US. Stop wondering how to hire a live-in nanny from the Philippines. With LPDS you will find the solution for any need.

What services does LPDS offer in the US?

The services we offer our clients are the most varied. Depending on the kind of work that is required, we have professionals in:

    • Cleaning services. Our employees specialize in the care and maintenance of the home and carry out all tasks related to cleaning.
    • Babysitting services. We have nannies who work out of vocation and who are committed and very patient, with experience caring for babies, young children and adolescents.
    • Kitchen services. If what you need is someone to prepare specialized meals for different tastes and diets, don’t hesitate to hire our Filipino cooks.
    • Chauffeur services. Our professional drivers will provide the attention and security that a private chauffeur service requires and will also be in charge of the vehicle’s maintenance.
    • Gardening services. Your garden will always be in the best condition thanks to our specialized gardeners.
    • Caregiving services for the elderly. Whether it be carrying out daily tasks, providing company, or attending to them at any moment, our qualified personnel will offer your seniors the care and attention that they need.
    • Hotel, business and office personnel.

Why are Filipino services more and more sought after among luxury clients?

One of the fundamental reasons why Filipino services are gaining so much prominence among luxury clients is because of the undeniable quality of their work. In recent years, this sector of the population has gained a reputation for their ability to do everything and the most exclusive groups opt for the best.

We’re talking about very friendly and approachable people who have a high degree of professional commitment and level of education. They speak English fluently, which facilitates their work and avoids any communication barriers. They are also skilled at creating bonds with children, and their happy and patient character is especially suited for children.

How to hire a live-in nanny from the Philippines with LPDS?

If you are wondering how to hire a live-in nanny from the Philippines, just contact us and we will consult with you regarding your questions. Call +1 (202) 855 – 2708 or fill out our online form and we will contact you as soon as possible.