Filipina nanny in Miami

Filipina nanny in Miami

If you want the best nanny in the city for your children, at Luxury Philippines D.S Agency we can make that dream come true. In this article, we will tell you in detail what is included in the Filipina nanny services in Miami.

Before we get into the fees for our nanny services, we want you to know what we offer. Above all, we at LPDS want our clients to be 100% satisfied with our services and with our professionals. In order to achieve this level of satisfaction, it’s necessary to always rely on the best domestic service experts. In other words, the most valued child caregivers.

By conducting demanding interviews and tests with our candidates, we finalize our selection process with the most outstanding professionals who have experience and broad knowledge regarding childcare. We also select people who have the correct profile according the needs and requirements of our clients. We will choose the most suitable candidates for your children and your family!

Cost of our Filipina nannies in Miami

The fees for our nannies depend on your needs. For example, a live-in nanny isn’t the same as one who works for a few hours in the afternoon or on weekends. Therefore, it would be more convenient for you to tell us how many hours you want to contract our services, and when we are informed of your needs, we will give you a personalized quote.
At our agency we have two different options:
Live-in nannies: personnel who will sleep at your house and who will work during the day and at night when you need them. They will have their own room and will spend time with you and your family as they carry out their duties. There are many clients who decide to hire domestic assistants, especially child caregivers, from the Philippines. It’s one of the countries where household work is most respected and appreciated.
Live-out nannies: At LPDS you can contract our childcare services for as many hours as you need, without having a live-in nanny. You can hire them for a few hours in the afternoon, every day, after school, at night when you have an event or a party, or on weekends.

If you need a nanny for your children for whatever reason, don’t hesitate to contract our services. Once we talk to you and know what your needs are, we will send you a personalized estimate for our Filipina nanny services in Miami.