Filipina housekeeper New York

Choose our professional Filipina housekeepers in New York

Are you looking for a Filipina housekeeper in New York? At LPDS we only work with people of Filipino origin so that we can offer impeccable service, thanks to the professionalism and efficiency of the Filipino community.

One of the reasons why families want to hire domestic service employees of Filipino origin is because of the incredible qualities that make them true professionals. It’s not always easy for a client to introduce a new employee to their household who will spend many hours in their home and even spend time with the whole family. That is why it’s important to rely on a worker whose presence and work inspire confidence, peace of mind and comfort.

Empathy, responsibility, honesty, discretion, punctuality and positivity are some of the qualities that we require in our team of professionals and that our clients value most. Thanks to who they are and how they interact and work, they achieve excellent results and great harmony.

What services do our Filipina housekeepers in New York offer?

  • Domestic services: For example, cleaning the home, washing and ironing clothes, grocery shopping, cooking and doing errands. All of these domestic tasks can be done by a live-in or live-out employee, a few hours a week or only on weekends.

  • Child caregiver: Our home employees can also be nannies. They will bathe the children, play with them, care for them during the day or at night, cook for them and clean and tidy their rooms.

  • Care for the elderly: If you need our employees to care for your elderly family members and give them the attention they need, you can count on us because we have personnel qualified to care for seniors or dependent individuals.

  • Private drivers: Our domestic service professionals can take you from place to place with no problem. Our private chauffeurs have the experience and knowledge necessary to offer this service.

  • Gardeners: Your gardener will care for your exterior spaces, doing the work necessary to maintain your home’s gardens.

  • Personnel for businesses or the hotel industry: Our home employees can also clean your work spaces and keep them in perfect condition.

Our team of professionals is selected through a series of demanding and thorough interviews that allow us to choose the best personnel. With our agency, you also have the possibility of replacing up to three different employees during the first six months if you need.

Remember that at LPDS, we only work with personnel of Filipino origin who are highly qualified. If you want more information about our Filipina housekeepers in New York, don’t hesitate to contact us.