Filipina nanny in New York

How do we choose the best Filipina nanny in New York for your children?

Before you choose a nanny, you have to ask yourself what qualities they should have that make them suitable for taking care of your children. At LPDS it’s clear to us and that’s why we rely on the best professionals. We can find the perfect Filipina nanny in New York for your children.

When a work-life balance isn’t possible, it’s important to rely on the collaboration and work ethic of professionals who specialize in caring for young children and who can be with them when they’re not at school. Hiring a nanny is the best option because she can take care of them, help them with their academic school work, bathe them, feed them and play with them.

In order to find the right person, it’s important to follow some guidelines and to conduct interviews to make sure that the characteristics of this person are suitable for the needs of the children and their parents. In addition, a nanny must always have certain fundamental characteristics such as industry experience. At Luxury Philippines D.S. Agency, we conduct a thorough and demanding selection process so that we always have the best workers. During our selection process, we carry out a series of interviews that help us to see what kind of person they are, what they have studied, how much experience they have and what qualities they have that make them a great babysitter.

Qualities of a Filipina nanny in New York

All of our professionals have the training and experience necessary to be a nanny for children of any age, from babies to older children.
Their maturity, professionalism and confidence when it comes to relating to children allow them to manage any situation, any obstacle or any problem that might arise. They are also proactive and they have enough energy to play with children for hours.
At LPDS we also have childhood educators – professionals with degrees in education – for those families who want their children to be supported by professionals who have the knowledge to help them in their development and education.

What services do our Filipina nannies in New York offer?

  • Grooming the children.
  • Cooking for them.
  • Accompanying them to and from school or their after-school activities.
  • Tidying and cleaning their rooms.
  • Playing with them and keeping them company.
  • Taking care of them during the day, or even at night, if the family needs it.
  • Washing and ironing their clothes or uniforms.

Do you want to contract the services of a Filipina nanny in New York? At LPDS we will find the most suitable professional for your family and your children. If you want more information, you can contact us.