Filipina housekeeper California

Your own Filipina housekeeper in California

Is it complicated for you to keep your home clean and tidy when you get home from work? Does housework take away time that you want to spend with your family? Hire a Filipina housekeeper in California with Luxury Philippines D. S., your trusted agency for hiring domestic workers of Filipino origin who specialize in luxury clients such as yourself. All you have to do is specify what your various needs are and we’ll take care of choosing the home assistant that is most suitable for your situation. We’ll present you with different candidates so you can choose the one that stands out to you.

At LPDS we’ve worked for a long time in different European countries. That’s how we’ve developed the reputation that we have, and we’ve become the foremost agency in the major powers of the European continent. We’ve recently begun our expansion into the United States with the goal of offering the American public the best personnel for all types of domestic work. We are proud to have the best reviews in the industry and a large number of faithful clients.
Some of the services we have are: cleaning and maintaining the home and/or garden, experienced chefs, professional chauffeurs, babysitters, caregivers for the elderly and hotel personnel.

What are the duties of a Filipina housekeeper in California?

Working as a housekeeper is a very gratifying job. Our Filipina employees form strong bonds with the families they work with and they become part of the family. It’s a job that requires extra responsibility, commitment and good appearance, while also knowing how to adapt to the requirements of the family that contracts their services.

Some of the jobs that our housekeepers do are:

⦁ Planning their daily chores and efficiently managing time and resources to carry out the work that the family requires.
⦁ Many times, a Filipina housekeeper in California, conforms to the classic meaning of the word as the keeper of the house. She is responsible for attending to guests when they knock on the door and for taking care of the house when the owners aren’t present.
⦁ Cleaning rooms so the residents will always find them in perfect condition.
⦁ Changing bed sheets and washing, ironing and putting away clothes.
⦁ Throwing out the garbage and cleaning up any type of unwelcome residue.
⦁ Always following the instructions of their employers so they can fulfill their expectations with excellence, maintaining the home’s standards of cleanliness.

It’s important that a good Filipina housekeeper in California be capable of carrying out various tasks in an environment that is always changing in unexpected ways. If you want more information, you can contact us by calling +1 (202) 855 – 2708