philippine private driver

What are the requirements of a Filipino private driver?

In our agency we offer an excellent Philippine private driver service for all those clients who need a private driver to be able to send them to school, extracurricular activities, work … comfortably and quickly. Our driver selection company in Spain will offer a service characterized as secured, private and punctual.

If you want to have the best professionals, at Luxury Philippines DS Agency we test the work and academic trajectory of future professionals to ensure that we select the best in performing services such as gardening, care for the elderly or children, kitchen service, domestic services, as well as drivers. Therefore, we will take care of finding the driver that meets all your needs.

Requirements in order to work with us as a filipino private driver

  1. Must have driver license and have the necessary documents.
  2. Have knowledge about vehicles including mechanical aspects. Knowledge in this field is a requirement to be able to solve unexpected circumstance.
  3. Be presentable and have a good attitude. Two essential aspects to being able to work with us and for our clients.
  4. Be professional and focus on the client. Family is the priority and most important, therefore, you must give the best quality service.

It is important that as a luxury domestic service agency we take into account each of these requirements. This is how we will guarantee a successful and adequate service for our client.

What services will our filipino private driver offer?

  • Maintenance and car wash.
  • Door-to-door, short and long distance transfers.
  • Running errands.
  • Guest collection.
  • Night outings.

Our professionals will not only work for families or for domestic services, but also for companies. And there are many businesses that choose to have their own driver and give an exclusive service to their clients, as well as employees or directors.

It is true that a company needs to optimize time to its maximum level and without any doubt, the driver will help you to do any errands much faster, attend a meeting between companies or clients more comfortably or go to an important event, conference or fair.

Our professionals will offer 24/7 availability, they will also provide night service and instant availability. Thus, with Luxury Philippines DS Agency, you will find a complete, efficient, professional and trustworthy service.