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Looking for a Philippino nanny to take care of your children? Allow us to show you the 10 qualities of our nannies

Do you need to find a perfect babysitter for your children? If that so, you are in the right place, since at Luxury Philippine DS Agency we work hand in hand with the most professional and responsible nannies, who have the experience and knowledge necessary to be able to carry out this profession perfectly. In this article we will tell you  more detail about our philippine nanny service.

When reconciliation between life and work is not balance, it is necessary to hire a professional to take care of the children in your absence. Although it might cause anxiety and distrust, hiring an expert from Luxury Philippine DS Agency will get everything you need and want: confidence, professionalism and efficiency.

What are the qualities do our philippine nanny have?

  • Pasionate for child care. There is no doubt that a good nanny must be a great lover of children. In addition to having some essential qualities to be able to take care of children, such as having patience, knowing first aid or even having academic training related to child care.
  • Proactive. Given that a nanny  have to take care of the children when the parents are not around , therefore, the family will not be there to give the necessary discipline. Therefore, it is necessary for you to be a person with initiative, knows how to solve problems, unexpected circumstance, interact with children, create games, etc.
  • Responsible and attentive. To take care of minors, a nanny must be a responsible person, who becomes a role model for children and has the  authority to be in charge of the house.
  • Fun and loving. In order to interact with the little ones at home, it is necessary to be a loving, empathetic, patient and fun person. Only in this way will a good relationship between babysitter and child be achieved, and the bond will become closer and closer.
  • Organize and punctual. Without a doubt, organization and punctuality are essential aspects in a domestic service professional. And that this will carry out different tasks during the day and attend to the needs of the children at the same time. Therefore, being organize and profound are essential.
  • Knowledge of household chores, as well as ability to help with homework and even teach the children new knowledge.

Our philippine nanny service

At Luxury Philippine DS Agency we offer our clients a complete service, in which you can hire from gardeners, drivers to babysitters. Get in touch with us, tell us about your needs and we will find the most suitable philippine nanny for you and your family.