Filipino home staff Miami

The best Filipino home staff in Miami

Do you know why hiring Filipino home staff in Miami has become the first option for many families? Our answer might be perceived as incorrect, but it’s because of cultural and social frameworks that are beyond prejudice. At Luxury Philippines D. S. Agency, we are the first agency that specializes in Filipino domestic services for luxury clients in various European countries. We have recently begun to offer our support in the United States, with the goal of putting the most valued domestic personnel in the world within your reach.

Among all the services that our company offers, those that stand out the most are the maintenance and cleaning of private homes, businesses, and even hotels; kitchen services; private chauffeurs; gardening professionals; and personnel qualified to care for the elderly, babies or children of all ages. Our schedules are the most varied, meaning you can choose between 24/7 live-in service, live-in on weekdays, live-in on weekends, and 8 or 4-hour shifts on a live-out basis.

Both our staff and our employees are of Filipino origin and have gone through rigorous selection processes that guarantee their professionalism and expertise in each of their specialties. They have all been chosen with the goal of offering you the best choice of personnel to care for you home and your family. They also have extensive training, they speak English, and many of them have university degrees.

Why hire the services of Filipino home staff in Miami?

Our presence in such a competitive industry can be overwhelming, but when it comes to caring for our children, it’s best to rely on specialized professionals with experience. We know that childhood is a delicate stage, which is why it’s important not to choose just any person. At Luxury Philippines D. S Agency, we dedicate ourselves to choosing the best and most qualified personnel for you and your children.

During our interviews and evaluations, we verify the suitability of our employees through their previous employment and their training. The most important thing for us is that they demonstrate their experience and knowledge, whether through recommendation letters from previous employers or through practice situations. We also like to know why they are interested in caring for and educating children. We believe it’s essential that there be a vocation for this work, to be sure that for them, children come first.

If you are still looking for a nanny for your children, take a look at our website and discover the advantages of hiring the services of our Filipino home staff in Miami.