Filipina cleaner

Hire a Filipina cleaner

Do you have trouble balancing your work and home life? Do you need someone to take charge of your household tasks? If so, you need the services of a Filipina cleaner. At Luxury Philippines D. S. Agency, we are dedicated to providing you with the best specialized Filipino personnel for all types of domestic work: maintaining and cleaning your home or office, caring for the elderly, nanny and babysitting services, gardening, professional chauffeurs and even cooks, all of them previously evaluated and selected with the aim of guaranteeing you the best services in the market.

We are your exclusive agency for hiring domestic services, whether for private or business clients or for hotels, full or part time. We provide you the personnel that will best adjust to your needs, and if you are not satisfied, we offer you various replacements during the first six months until you find the person that meets your expectations.

With us, you will always keep your home in perfect conditions and you won’t have to worry about even the smallest details.

Advantages of hiring our Filipina cleaners

Based on our data and the experience that backs us, we can assert that hiring our employees of Filipina background for your home is an option that provides many benefits:

  • They are multi-skilled. They have a high degree of training and experience in a variety of fields.
  • They give all their attention to their job. That’s why they are famous for being meticulous and efficient.
  • They are experts at maximizing time. Their abilities allow them to learn the processes and patterns to carry out their work quickly without sacrificing quality.
  • They are pleasant people. They are cheerful and likeable people and they are always willing to help.
  • They have a good relationship with children. This is one of their strongest attributes. Besides being attentive and supportive, they also have great educational skills.
  • They are honest. They develop great loyalty to the family they work with, which is key in this type of work.

At our agency, we try to always maintain contact with our Filipino community by holding events, complementary trainings and periodic meetings so we can monitor the quality of their work. We also believe in rewarding good work with bonuses for good behavior and reliability with our clients. We seek to protect and support not only the interests of all who contract our services but also of our employees. That is why we are proud to be one of the best agencies in the industry.

Call +1 (202) 855 – 2708 for more information and visit our website to learn about the advantages of hiring our Filipina cleaners.