your pool always in perfect condition

Keep your pool ready all year long

No matter what the size, whether it is chlorine or salt water, rectangular or round, with tiles or fiber, outdoor or heated…Pools must always be taken care of. Waiting for summer to start worrying about it is a mistake. And it is that, apart from spoiling the aesthetics of our garden or enclosure, neglecting the maintenance of our pool can cause us many problems.

Have you ever thought about how good your garden would look if you hired a private gardener to take care of it? In our Luxury Philippines Domestic Services, we have professionals of Filipino origin who will take care of not only your plants, but also your pool and any type of installation around it. Because a pool is not only what is on the surface. Your system is like an iceberg, and what’s underneath is just as important as what we can see.

What do our professional gardeners take into account when maintaining your pool?

To ensure proper operation, our professional Filipino gardeners perform weekly maintenance focused on the following points:

Check the pH values. It is what measures the degree of acidity and alkalinity of the water. It is important to keep these numbers within the optimal range to ensure the effectiveness of the disinfectant.

Disinfect using chlorine or oxygen. It is essential to ensure that our water is free of germs and bacteria that endanger our health.
Remove suspended particles. Because the bugs and particles on the surface are not only annoying to the eye. They can also cause problems with the filters, so it is important to know the most efficient extraction methods so we don’t forget about this.

Ensure that the installation works correctly. In the event of any problem or breakdown, this type of control allows it to be detected in time so that the relevant corrective maintenance can be carried out.

In addition, they carry out a deep cleaning every year, emptying the water, eliminating any type of algae or calcification, cleaning the filters well and making sure that everything is in correct condition. Contact us for more information asking about our Filipino gardeners.