Enjoy your holiday by leaving aside your obligations

The long-awaited holidays are here! An ideal time to leave obligations behind and enjoy a well-deserved rest. Disconnection and relaxation must be two aspects that are the order of the day, to successfully escape from the routine and stress. And to achieve this, we at LPDS want to do our bit. How? With our Filipino domestic service

Believe it or not, many people find it difficult to know how to relax on holiday. The burden of routine and daily demands is difficult to forget and set aside for a few weeks. If this is your case, we would like to give you some tips that we are sure will help you to relax and unwind on your holiday


    1. Close all your pending work before you go on holiday. It is important that you have everything closed, so that you can go on holiday with nothing pending in your diary. Or, if this is an impossible task, delegate this function to someone else you trust!
    2. Disconnect from your mobile phone or any device that reminds you of work. In our daily lives, especially at work, we are constantly using electronic devices, such as mobiles, computers, among others. For this reason, so that you can disconnect and think about your health, it is important that you reduce your connection time.
    3. Relax and adventure on a dream trip. Take a trip with family, friends or alone. This new adventure will add new experiences to your life, disconnect from your city, meet new people, enjoy the food, the culture, the beach, and much more!
    4. Sleep and rest, do things you enjoy and break with schedules. Having fun and resting, without thinking about what time it is, is essential to enjoy your holidays as you deserve. 
    5. Spend time with your family and friends. Social life and family reconciliation, on a day-to-day basis, can be affected. For this reason, what could be better than spending the holidays surrounded by your loved ones and enjoying quality time with them.
    6. Opt for the service of the best home professionals. When we say you should say goodbye to your obligations for a few weeks, we don’t just mean work. Let everything be perfect and ready as soon as you need it, with the best Filipino staff that we provide at LPDS.

Our optimal home service with our Filipino staff

We are the first agency in Spain and other European cities specialized in Filipino domestic services, for luxury clients. We offer a perfectly qualified team to carry out all kinds of domestic tasks, from drivers, babysitters, kitchen service, cleaning, caring for the elderly people or gardeners, among others.

Rest assured that with our Filipino service you will have everything you value and want in good hands.