Filipina housekeeper San Diego

You can count on the quality of our Filipina housekeeper services in San Diego

Having an assistant in your house is a necessary luxury, especially if it’s impossible to balance your work and personal life. At Luxury Philippines D.S. Agency we provide excellent domestic services with our Filipina housekeepers in San Diego. In order provide successful services, we conduct demanding interviews to find the most efficient person and the best professional for you.

In order to have a good relationship with your assistant and for chores to be done effectively, we would like to give you some advice about how to define the tasks that your housekeeper will do. To that end, we recommend following the advice below:

  • Have clear ideas so you can adequately define the services you need and make a list of household chores.

  • Show her your house in the condition you would always like it to be in. This way, the professional will see how you want your house in terms of tidiness, cleanliness, peculiarities, etc.

  • Show her the chores she should do during the day and in order of priority.

  • After a while, it’s important to give positive reinforcement to your employee so she feels confident about the work she does.

  • Be it a live-in or live-out assistant, it’s important to set specific timeframes in which you would like each chore to be completed.

  • Help her feel at home and part of the family. Giving her a place in your home will allow her to feel at ease and be committed and dedicated to her work.

  • If there is any job that she doesn’t know how to do, teach her how to do it and show her the results that you want.

What services do we offer with our Filipina housekeepers in San Diego?

Our domestic service employees specialize in all housework, especially in the care and maintenance of the home. For example: cleaning the whole house, washing and ironing clothes, grocery shopping and cooking.

However, our employees can also care for children and the elderly. At LPDS we offer babysitter services and caregivers for seniors. The important thing is for you to tell us which services you require and then we will look for the perfect personnel for your needs.

In fact, at our agency we will introduce you to different candidates so you can decide which one makes you more comfortable and satisfied. And we offer the possibility of replacing your employee up to three times if you’re not satisfied with the results.

Do you want more information about our Filipina housekeepers in San Diego? You can contact us and we will address all of the doubts you might have. We would love to find out what needs you have and meet them quickly and effectively.