Filipino home staff Bel-Air

Why it’s important to hire Filipino home staff in Bel-Air

Leaving our children and our home in the hands of a stranger isn’t at all easy. And even though over time parents and children can develop trust, it’s also necessary for the worker to inspire trust and peace of mind from the very start. That is what will happen when you get to know our Filipino professionals. If you’re wondering why and how to hire Filipino home staff in Bel-Air, at LPDS we make it quick and easy.

Having role models is essential for a young child’s education. Children learn through imitation, repeating what they see at home, which is what they believe is normal and meaningful. That is why the attitudes of parents as well as siblings and caregivers are important for their education.

There’s no doubt that caregivers are some of the people who spend the most time with the children of the household, and who therefore become role models for them. That is why their values, their responsibility, the way they act, communicate, empathize and interact are fundamental for the child. It’s essential that the nanny educate with freedom and responsibility, following the parents’ guidelines and working in unison.

The key is to be a good example! Which is why it’s important to know who we are going to hire to educate, entertain and care for our children. That’s why the interviews we conduct at our agency with our candidates are so demanding and thorough. Friendly, cordial, respectful, communicative, tidy, clean, professional, disciplined. These are just some of the characteristics that define our domestic employees and our nannies.

Positive reinforcement is an important part of caring for children, and something that our professionals should take into account and practice during their work shift. A babysitter isn’t just someone who looks after a child but who also plays an important role in their education. That is why verbal recognition of their achievements is very effective for educating children and for increasing their self-esteem.

Our Filipino home staff in Bel-Air

At LPDS we have an excellent team of domestic services employees and caregivers who clean, do household chores, and accompany, educate and entertain all the members of the family, from babies to seniors. In order to guarantee impeccable work, we select the best candidates with the most knowledge and experience.

To contract our services, all you have to do is contact us and tell us about your needs. We will provide you with the most suitable person according to your requirements. If you need more information about our Filipino home staff in Bel-Air, our customer service team will consult with you at no commitment.