Filipino driver Bel-Air

Move around comfortably with our Filipino drivers in Bel-Air

Do you want to go from place to place with complete comfort and safety? At LPDS we are a domestic services agency and we offer you a Filipino driver in Bel-Air so you can get to where you want to go with the best professionals. Your peace of mind is our main goal and we want to prove it to you!

Moving around the city at certain times of day isn’t easy because of traffic and the chaos of big cities. But we can facilitate your travel thanks to our private chauffeurs who have extensive knowledge of city routes and detours so you always arrive on time.

For us, it’s essential that you enjoy our services and have peace of mind knowing that you are in the best hands. Our drivers offer safety, privacy, punctuality and a good image. They also offer these services: car maintenance, frequent washing, door-to-door service for long or short distances, picking up guests, travel at any time of day or night, and delivering any type of message or job.

What do we require of our Filipino drivers in Bel-Air?


  • Previous experience as a luxury driver: For any job it’s important to have experience, but even more in this job, in order to treat our client properly and give them impeccable service.

  • Have the required US driver permits: It’s important that our drivers have licenses without restrictions to be able to drive in the US without limits. They must have chauffeur licenses to be able to drive limousines or transport passengers.

  • Possess the necessary skills and knowledge to drive and do mechanic work: Our professionals will keep the car clean and will solve any small mechanical problems that might unexpectedly arise. That is why we like our drivers to have general mechanical knowledge.

  • Have a positive attitude and certain specific qualities: For example, discretion, respect and professionalism.

  • Have a respectable image and presence: This is important in order to project the image that you want, for your company as well as personally. Having a private chauffeur will give you the distinction you want and the image you desire.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to hire a private chauffeur. With our Filipino drivers in Bel-Air, you will gain safety, discretion and distinction wherever you go. If you need more information about the other domestic services that our agency offers, contact our customer service and we’ll answer any questions you might have.