luxury home staff

Luxury home staff: everything you need

Luxury Philippines Agency is everything you need to hire luxury home staff. We offer the best services and the best professionals in the industry. Just contact us and we’ll be able to give you more information and address any doubts you might have.

We carry out a thorough selection process to find the best workers. We look for multi-skilled individuals who can adapt quickly to any changes that might come up.

Our agency is everything you need to be able to enjoy your free time and forget about the housework you would normally have to do when you get home from work. Don’t hesitate any longer and contact us for more information about our services.


The best luxury home staff through our specialized agency

Luxury Philippines Agency is the best agency you could choose. But what differentiates us from the competition? The answer: our values. We want to offer exclusive quality in the services that we deliver and that is why we take care to find the best workers.

These are all the services we offer at our agency and you can contract them at any time:

  • Domestic services. If you need help performing housework, we recommend contracting our services. You’ll never have to worry again about cleaning and tidying your house. Besides, all of our employees know how to professionally perform these tasks and your home will always be in the best possible condition.
  • Private chauffeurs. Another service that we offer is private drivers. If you need our chauffeurs to take you to work or any other place, don’t hesitate to call us to hire one.
  • Cooks. Having good nutrition means knowing how to cook. Therefore, if you want to improve your diet but you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen, we recommend contracting our services. We have professional cooks who can make any kind of meal for you to enjoy to the fullest.
  • Nannies. Caring for your children is a huge responsibility. That’s why you can be completely at ease knowing that you’ll never have a problem with our nannies. They will handle all of the tasks relating to your children. They can also help improve their level of English since all of our employees are bilingual.
  • Care for the elderly. If you live with an elderly person, you know that they need special care. That is why the best option is to hire someone with the proper knowledge to care for them. At our agency we have the best professionals in the industry so you don’t have to worry about anything. You can call us for more information.

If you’re looking for luxury home staff you should contact us. We offer the best services and different options so that your house is always in the best condition. Call us so we can start the selection process as soon as possible to find the best employee for your house.