Filipina housekeeper in Bel-Air

How to hire a Filipina housekeeper in Bel-Air

Children are like sponges that absorb everything around them. That is why it’s important to help them grow up in a suitable environment. The problem is that the rhythm of day-to-day life for many families makes it difficult to balance work life and home life. If this is the case for you, what you need is to contract services at Luxury Philippines D. S., your trusted agency that specializes in providing the best Filipino personnel for all types of domestic services. Our nannies are specialized in providing your child with all the attention they need, and we guarantee you the security of knowing that you are relying on the best specialists in the industry. Do you want to know how to hire a Filipina housekeeper in Bel-Air? Keep reading!

Why should you choose Luxury Philippines Domestic Services Agency?

At LPDS we are a multidisciplinary team of professionals with significant experience in this industry. We are one of the first Filipino agencies in European countries such as Spain and Italy, and we have been able to broaden our offerings past these borders, opening the way to the American market thanks to the quality of our work and the efforts and commitment of all of our team.

Our staff as well as our employees are of Filipino origin, something we are enormously proud of, because most of the agencies dedicated to this type of service limit themselves to simply exporting people from their country of origin without any other commitment.

Our business policy defends the rights of our workers as well as those of our clients. We keep in contact with our Filipino community with the goal of being informed of every situation, ensuring the complete satisfaction of both parties. One of the commitments we have is recognizing a job well done. We reward our workers with incentives for their good behavior and for the effectiveness of their services, which helps to maintain a good work environment and to increase the quality of their work.

Filipina housekeeper in Bel-Air with Luxury

Hiring the services of LPDS is very simple. You can find more information about our different services by taking a look at our website. Some of the more requested jobs are: cleaning and maintenance services, caring for children and seniors, gardening services, chauffeurs, kitchen services, and hotel personnel.

To find out how to get a Filipina housekeeper in Bel-Air just contact us by calling +1 (202) 855 – 2708, or through our online form. We would love to resolve any doubts you may have and we will give you any information you need. We look forward to hearing from you!