Filipino domestic workers

Get to know our Filipino domestic workers

Did you know that when it comes to domestic work, the Filipino community stands out above the rest? As of years ago, there are more and more European homes that choose Filipino services and little by little, we are starting to see them appear in the United States. Why? The quality of their work, their positive values and their broad expertise. At Luxury Philippines D. S. Agency, we have Filipino domestic workers for everyone, including families and companies who need help carrying out their tasks, and who are looking for professionals to maintain the home, babysitters, cooks, chauffeurs, gardeners, caregivers for the elderly, or even workers for hotels, businesses and offices.

The duties that our personnel perform are the most varied, according to their specialty. The have all gone through a rigorous selection process, which allows us to offer comprehensive services to our clients, guaranteeing the highest quality in all the services that we offer. At our agency, we offer work opportunities to highly qualified people in the best work conditions in order to deliver solutions for our clients’ needs.

In choosing Luxury Philippines D. S. Agency, you will be investing in excellence in ethics and in the assurance that your privacy will be protected.

Principal characteristics of our Filipino domestic workers

  • They are responsible and committed. They are completely engaged in their work, always seeking to carry out their duties the best way possible.
  • They are highly adaptable. They can easily adjust to the rules of the home where they work.
  • High levels of organization and hygiene. We know that in order to be a good cleaning professional, it’s essential that they be neat, meticulous and detailed while also doing their work in a timely manner.
  • They develop great loyalty to the family they work with. That is why our Filipino domestic workers tend to stay in the same home for several years, resulting in a high degree of trust.
  • Punctuality is their strong suit. In fact, they don’t just thoroughly comply with their work shift, but absences from work are practically null.
  • The become close. They like to please everyone in the family and because of this, they quickly become another member.
  • They know how to treat children and the elderly. In Filipino culture, caring for family is a fundamental value. That’s why they tend to empathize with youngsters and seniors. They are affectionate and very patient people and they easily get along with others.
  • They possess a high level of training and they speak English fluently. The great majority of our Filipina workers have university degrees. Language will also never be a problem because they speak perfect English.

Discover the benefits of having Filipino domestic workers in your home by visiting our website. For more information, don’t hesitate to call us at +1 (202) 855 – 2708 and we will consult with you at no obligation.