Filipina nanny California

Find a Filipina nanny in California

More and more parents are choosing to hire Filipina employees to care for their home and who can also care for their children. If you’re looking for a Filipina nanny in California, we’re sure that at Luxury Philippines D. S. Agency we will find the right one for you. We are one of the first agencies specializing in hiring Filipino personnel for domestic services in major European countries. And we offer various services provided by great professionals: cleaning and maintaining the home, gardening, kitchen services, caregiving for the elderly, chauffeur services, babysitting and personnel for hotels, businesses and offices.

We provide the upkeep and peace of mind that you need in your home. Also, we guarantee replacement of personnel during the first 6 months to facilitate the search for the perfect employee who can satisfy all your needs and expectations. By relying on LPDS’s Filipino caregivers to care for your children, you can trust that your loved ones are in good hands.

What are the duties that our babysitters carry out?

An infant caregiver should carry out all the functions related to caring for the baby when their parents aren’t present: nourish them properly, change their diapers, make sure that they take their naps, be in charge of bathing and personal hygiene, take them to daycare or to their activities if needed, help with acquiring and developing language, provide appropriate educational games, ensure appropriate manners, go for walks in the park, do the child’s laundry and keep their space clean and tidy.

These responsibilities might vary depending on the requirements of each home and the specified work shift.

Qualities that a Filipina nanny in California should have

We have to take into account that each nanny has a focus that’s slightly different in terms of how they should perform their work. What makes a good nanny is knowing how to care for and guide children without raising their voice. They should speak softly and patiently but firmly and authoritatively at the same time. Our employees specialize in nanny and babysitting services, and they have significant experience caring for babies, young children and adolescents of all ages. They are committed and sweet people who love children. A fundamental part of engaging in this kind of work is to have a vocation for it.

If you are interested in hiring our Filipina nanny services in California full-time or part-time, just contact us by calling +1 (202) 855 – 2708.