Filipina housekeeper LA

Filipina housekeeper in LA

Are you looking for a Filipina housekeeper in LA? At Luxury Philippines D.S. Agency you will find a wide array of domestic services and a long list of Filipino professionals with broad knowledge and experience in the industry. What is it that differentiates us from the competition? Our extensive experience in luxury homes.

If you’re thinking about hiring a live-in employee, we at our agency would like to give you some advice about how to create a good and trusting work relationship between you and your live-in. We believe it’s very important to generate an optimal and comfortable living environment for your family as well as for your employee. She should also be able to perfectly follow the criteria and guidelines that you have established from the very first day she is in your house. As professionals in this industry, we can help you immensely.

Every employee has a certain way of doing things, but they always adapt to the needs and wishes of each family. That’s why it’s important to tell the employee which tasks we want them to do daily (for example caring for the children, the elderly or pets; shopping; kitchen services; cleaning, etc.). It’s also important to tell them how you want them to do these tasks, your methodology, their schedule, their days off and how many hours they’ll be working.

We should also inform your employee about how to educate your children – the limits that should be set, when they can have play time and when they should do their chores, and what is allowed and what is prohibited so they can adequately care for the youngest in the house.

She will undoubtedly become the role model for the children when the parents aren’t home, which is why it’s important that she follow the same educational method as the parents to avoid being either too permissive or too strict.

It’s also necessary for live-in employees to have their own room where they can have the privacy and comfort that they need from the very first day. They will also need time for their own life to take care of their affairs and spend time with friends and family. The Filipino community usually gets together during the week or on weekends to do things together or go to church.

Why contract our Filipina housekeeper services in LA?

At LPDS we have extensive experience in this industry, which is why we can offer many services as well as the best professionals. We perfectly coordinate our domestic service employees and we choose the perfect profile for every house and every family.

All of our team has previous experience and extensive knowledge about housework and about caring for the youngest and oldest in a household. We also work day after day to offer quality, excellent service to all our clients, taking care of all the necessary documentation for each one.

We encourage you to choose our Filipina housekeepers in LA so that you can enjoy the best home services.