Filipino driver

Do you want to hire a Filipino driver? At LPDS we can help you

If you’re looking for an agency to hire a Filipino driver, you’re in the right place. At LPDS we have a large team of private chauffeurs who have been selected through demanding interviews and who will do an excellent job. Do you want to know more about this service? We’ll tell you a lot more in this article.

Before we start telling you about our private chauffeur service, we want to tell you about Luxury Philippines D.S. Agency and its mission. We are a domestic services agency whose team is made up of professionals of Filipino origin who do all types of household work. The have extensive experience working for families of high standing, caring for family members and carrying out all the day-to-day tasks that a home requires.

Our objective is of course for our clients to be satisfied with the service that our home employees provide, the results they obtain and the treatment our professionals give. However, we also want to give complete and comfortable service. This is why at LPDS, we offer the possibility of several replacements in the first six months. Our clients can choose the personnel that best adapt to their family and their home.

Our team of professionals comes from the Philippines, which is why we can offer even more excellent service thanks to this community’s quality of work and their personal characteristics as workers.

What do we offer with our Filipino driver service?

Our private chauffeurs have been selected because they have the experience and knowledge necessary to work at our agency, where quality and professionalism must always be present.

Our drivers have spent a long time working to give excellent service to those clients who need a chauffeur to take them and pick them up anywhere and at any time. Our clients want comfort, peace of mind, safety and punctuality with our private chauffeurs – benefits that are fully guaranteed at the hand of the best professionals.

Our employees can carry out their work on a live-in or live-out basis. That is, they can live in the same house, offering services at any time, or live outside your home, working during the hours established by the client.

What other jobs can our private drivers do?

  • General car maintenance and repairs.

  • Washing and cleaning the car inside and out so that it’s impeccably clean at all times.

  • Door to door service, short or long distance.

  • Running errands.

  • Picking up guests.

  • Nighttime trips to events.

Do you want more information about our Filipino driver team? Contact us and we’ll tell you everything you need to know.