Do you need a chef to take care of your gluten-free diet?

At Luxury Philippines Domestic Services, we bring the ultimate solution to any problem related to culinary intolerances and allergies, providing you with your own personal chef who will take into account your special requirements when cooking your meals. Did you know that there are at least 1.76 million people with celiac disease in the United States? If you are part of this large group of people who cannot ingest gluten, you must already know how complicated it is: from shopping to cooking or eating out. Finding gluten-free products that are also able to satisfy your palate is not easy. That’s why at LPDS we have specialized chefs experienced in all kinds of food restrictions, who will bring back the joy to your meals. Because you can enjoy your meals even if you have celiac disease, and we want to prove it to you. Thanks to your new personal chef you will not have to worry about this kind of issue, and you will have a better quality of life.

What do our chefs consider for a gluten-free diet?

Some of the most important points that your personal chef should take into consideration when cooking your dishes are:

  • Communication. The most important thing in this type of service is always communication. And, beyond the specific requirements of the diet, the preferences of the diner are the key. From there, your chef will be able to know your culinary tastes and always determine the best options for you.
  • Cross-contamination. It is very important to take care of every single detail, especially when there are more people at home who do eat gluten. Avoiding cross-contamination is essential, so your chef will always make sure that everything is kept in perfect hygienic conditions.
  • Forbidden foods at the table. Our chefs avoid any bread crumbs or other food that can fall on your plate during the meal. This is achieved by strategic placement of the diners and the food arranged on the table.

Need help with your gluten-free diet? If so, just contact us and we will find the ideal chef for you from among all our candidates. If you have any questions, just contact us and we will answer them.