Filipina nanny Boston

All about our Filipina nannies in Boston

Have you asked yourself why Filipina employees have gained so much popularity in recent years? Are you thinking about hiring the services of a Filipina nanny in Boston and want to know more about them? At Luxury Philippines D. S. Agency, we want to address all of your doubts.

What are the services that Luxury Philippines D. S. Agency offers?

At our agency, we offer the following domestic services:

  • Cleaning and maintenance the home. We rely on the best specialized professionals so you don’t have to worry about cleaning.
  • Babysitters. They are sweet and committed people who work because of vocation and who have notable experience in caring for babies, young children and adolescents of every age.
  • Kitchen services. You will enjoy the best meals at the hands of our expert cooks.
  • Chauffeurs. They are trustworthy and well-groomed people who will provide you with the best services.
  • Gardeners. For the care and maintenance of your garden or that of your community.
  • Care for the elderly. They will help seniors perform their daily activities, offering them companionship while carrying out their work.
  • Personnel for hotels, businesses and offices.

What is special about the Filipino nationality in this field of work?

Within the Filipino culture, family comes first. That’s why, in general, relying on professionals of this nationality is the best option: they have rich emotional resources, they know how to form bonds with our children, the have first aid knowledge, they are cheerful, affectionate and fun. In the Philippines, it is tradition for various generations to live in the same home. They are people with great loyalty and a strong awareness of caregiving principles. Also, our Filipina nannies speak English, so communication will never be a problem.

How will I know if my child feels comfortable with their Filipina nanny in Boston?

You will know you have found the ideal nanny for your children if:

    • Your children have fun with her and establish a good relationship.
    • There are no conflicts between her way of working and yours.
    • She has a proactive attitude when it’s time to do entertaining activities.
    • Your children learn new things with her.
    • She maintains communication with you, keeping you informed at all times.
    • She finds creative solutions to any problem that might come up.
    • She is tolerant and patient.

How do I contact the agency?

Now that you know why the work of the Filipina community is so valued in this industry, if you have decided to hire the services of a Filipina nanny in Boston through Luxury Philippines D. S. Agency, you can contact us for a complete consultation by calling +1 (202) 855 – 2708. We’re here for you!