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A Filipino driver in New York

Do you live in New York and need a way to travel through the city without having to worry about where to park? Do you want to have extra time to do your work instead of having to drive? If so, why don’t you hire a personal driver? At Luxury Philippines Domestic Services, have professionals of Filipino origin for any type of domestic services job, including exclusive and custom chauffeur services. That way, you can enjoy every day with the comfort of knowing that you have a Filipino driver in New York.

What are the duties of our Filipino drivers in New York?

Our personnel who specialize in driving are the result of thorough selection processes that we carry out to guarantee the most effective work. That’s why we conduct rigorous evaluations to find the best personnel for our exclusive luxury clients.
By hiring our Filipino drivers, you’ll not only be covered for any short or long-distance trip that you wish to make, but you’ll also have the assurance that your car is in good hands. Some of the duties of our chauffeurs are:
⦁ Keeping your car clean and always in the best condition.
⦁ Doing any errand that you need, whether it’s for home or work.
⦁ Picking up your children from school and bringing guests to your house if needed.
⦁ Taking you out at night and always being available to take you anywhere at any time.
We offer individualized service, so if you have any other need, you can tell us and we’ll take care of arranging it.

Why hire a Filipino driver in New York?

There are three ways to travel when you live in the Big Apple: by taxi, on public transportation, or with private transportation. The first, besides being unpleasant, can end up being too expensive when you use it every day. If you go by bus or subway, it’ll always be full in a big city like New York, making it very stressful and sometimes inadequate. Taking your own car might seem like the best option until excess traffic and the time you waste looking for a place to park end up completely ruining your schedule. So what is the best way to get around in New York? Hiring a personal chauffeur through Luxury Philippines D. S.
If you still have doubts, you can contact us through our online form, by email, or by calling +1 (202) 855 – 2708. Don’t wait any longer to enjoy a more comfortable life by hiring a Filipino driver in New York.